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Welcome again ..
What do you need by downloading that particular book?
that is our big question today..
of course you will need to have a big library for yourself..
But you should be able to choose a specific need, which is the main point
  • what do you need from that book ?
  • Are you studying, or just need to read some?
  • Do you study a particular point or generally you do?
  • Are you too professional to study or to read a huge book like Martindale or you are a beginner so you would start with medical pharmacology at a glance as a start?
  • Do you know what are books do you need for a specific target, or you just selecting them by names?

Ask yourself the last questions, and think about them today and we will began to solve some of them tomorrow


Here..we discuss ways and methodology of books usage , How , When , Where , To use that book?

For any book.. DO NOT THINK THAT YOU JUST NEED TO DOWNLOAD ALL BOOKS AND READ THEM .. you need to be smart .. and selective ..

and so we will teach you How To Do That All ..?

Wait for our Next episodes in this Topic..

Episodes will be easy, smart, small - like this one - , and DAILY

so as to get into it .. kindly ..

See you tomorrow In SHa'a allah